Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fight On! #1 Cover to Cover - Part 11

Enchanted Holy Symbols 

by Jeff Rients

The idea behind this short article is to make cleric's holy symbols something more than just the focus that allows clerics to turn undead. Everything else seems to be magical, so why not holy symbols?

There are five examples given, and they provide ideas from spell storing to turning different monsters. I am in favour of this idea, and used it to great success in one campaign with a sect of spider priests. There is also a medieval-inspired picture depicting a battle, and a prophet in the background holding a cross, that I assume illustrated the idea of a holy symbol.

I would have liked to have seen more ideas in this article, perhaps different or gradated holy symbols representing hierarchy in the church, and an examination of generic vs religion-specific symbols and its implications on the game. The Wicked Frog Totem has a great name, but  its abilities were mundane. I think I'd like a bit more "gonzo" in this article. All told, it is a solid article that may give a GM some new ideas, but fails to really break new ground for me.