Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fight On Cover to Cover - Part 10

Puissant Priestly Powers
by Santiago L. “Zulgyan” Oría 
This collection of new cleric spells takes up just over a page (it would have fit on one page without the classical rendition of Jesus getting baptized by John the Baptist, but I suspect asymmetry is good unless your name is Sheldon).  There are eleven spells offered in all, ranging from levels 1-5. The main problem is: would you select them? Level 1 is usually taken up by Cure Light Wounds, and at 5th level people love Raise Dead and Cure Critical Wounds.  All told, the spells seem useful, and not overpowering. Most of them seem to be very Old Testament in their inspiration. Here is one example:
  LEVEL 4 
Eye for an Eye: affected subject will lose as many hit points as he deals out in combat, and will be subject of the same effects he produces by magic, receiving normal saving throws against them (for example, if he casts a death ray upon someone, he will also have to save or die). Duration: 1 turn/level.  
I can see preparing this one for use on a dangerous adversary.

There is one quite arresting spell called Tentacles of Demogorgon; this is a GREAT spell for an evil adversary to have. I wonder how many player characters' clerics would cast this one?

I think if I was playing any OSR-based game, I would edit my rules document and drop these spells in; they are balanced, interesting and useful, and the cleric's spell list could use a bit of fattening up.

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